Wallpaper Visualizer

With the Wallpaper Visualizer your customers can visualize and experience your wallpapers inside their homes before buying and without ordering any samples. It is the fastest way to experience all your collections of wallpapers, helping the customer find the wallpaper they want.

Trusted By Industry Leaders

WallVision/Embellence Group is the largest wallpaper company in Scandinavia.

Boråstapeter is part of Embellence Group and is the first company to utilize the Wallpaper Visualizer.

Grandeco is one of the globally leading producers of vinyl wallcoverings.

Business Use Case: Boråstapeter


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Everything in one place

Browse wallpapers, test them in your room, share your favorite wallpapers, obtain measurements and place your order. All in one app.

The Wallpaper Visualizer allows your customer to browse and experience all your collections of wallpapers in a fast and intuitive native app. Through the camera of the phone, the wallpapers are visualized in your customers' room while also allowing them to instantaneously switch between different wallpapers. The app will have your company name and be available as an iOS and Android app with your particular branding and feel.

Popular Features

Measure Tool and Sharing

With exact AR wallpaper data, the number of rolls needed to paper the room is presented to the user. Users can also take an image of their papered room and share it with friends and family or on social media.

Filter, Search, and Sort

Filter, search, and sort through your wallpapers in a lightning-fast native iOS and Android app. The product page shows any desired wallpaper meta-data and links to the specific wallpaper on your website. All texts in the app are changed using our backend admin interface.

Website Integration

The app is integrated with your existing website to allow customers browsing your website to launch the AR experience to test the wallpaper directly in their room. App users can easily open any wallpaper on your website by clicking links in the app.

Custom Fit Murals

All types of wallpapers are handled, not just repeating patterns. With the mural feature, customers can swipe to select the part of the mural they prefer in the AR wallpaper covering.

Rich User Statistics

Anonymous user data are collected of actions your customers take in the app and other user statistics. This data is presented in a dashboard which you can use to guide your business decisions.

Your Brand, Your App

The app you obtain is highly personalized, matching your style guide and the design of your website. When kicking things off, we develop a design proposal where you have the possibility of suggesting new ideas and making changes.

Buy Wallpapers In-App

The fastest integration option is to re-route the customer to the checkout page on your website when they want to order. But we also offer the fantastic possibility of making purchases in-app, which likely will create a surge in your sales.

Multi-Language Support

The apps support any number of languages you desire. With the admin interface, text changes and translations are instantly reflected on the users' apps. Prefer working in excel? We export to that too.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers updated with new collections, wallpapers, or other exciting information using push notifications. Use our ready-made templates or create a custom one using simple drag and drop. Schedule them and target specific customer segments. No matter if you send tens of thousands per week, they are completely free.

What our end-users say

"Wow! So fantastic to be able to try out colors and patterns on the walls of the room, and a direct result - impressive🌟🌟🌟"

— Sonja

"To order wallpaper samples feels unecessary and troublesome when this alternative is an option! Neat design, easy to use and very fun! Nice results and awesome that you are able to see number of rolls and prices!"

— Ebba J

"The app works perfectly, very fun to be able to see the wallpapering results directly! It saves you so much time!"

— Ogge

"Woow! What a great tool when you are about to put up wallpaper. Simple, neat and realistic. A must for all home-fixers!"

— Nödis

"Used this app before I redecorated at home and it really turned out as it looked in the app! So easy to use but still such a realistic result! Will definitely use again!"

— Vanli123

"Great app! Simple and easy to see which wallpapers you should have, no need to get loads of samples home.. love it!👏🏼"

— Stefan Trailovic

"Neat!! It's much easier to choose a wallpaper when you get help with visualizing the results."

— Mymlosovic

"Working with furnishing apartments, such a great tool for me! Saves me lots of work hours."

— Aretravel

"Very flexible and helpful! Gives a perfect overview of how the result will turn out! Fantastic."

— Victor Olsson

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