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InnoTact consists of a team of high-performing engineers. Our highest priority is always to make our customers happy. We love creating ideas with our customers to improve and simplify the processes in their businesses.

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Young and Ambitious

We have a drive and a spark that is not found in many other companies. Choose us to have a partner who will do everything to make you happy.


InnoTact is always flexible in terms of adaptability to new technologies, working hours and requirements from customers. We do what it takes to achieve our goals.

Our team

We believe in a team-based approach. As a team, we will be able to produce much more than the sum of what we had produced as individuals.

The Team

Meet the team that consists of a bunch of close friends with years of experience working together.

Niklas Gustafsson

Founder and CEO

Gothenburg, Sweden

As the company's CEO, Niklas ensures that we reach our goal of becoming the best AR company in the country. As he studies industrial economics, he is an expert in business strategy and customer relations. He is responsible to make sure that the team is always doing well and performing at the top of their ability. For questions about the company's strategy and customers, Niklas is the right person to ask.

Joel Rudsberg

Founder, Tech Lead and Developer

Gothenburg, Sweden

As tech lead, Joel is often in close contact with our customers. For example he has been the tech lead and project manager for Boråstapeters revolutionizing new app, Wonderwall. Joel has studied software engineering in the US for a year and is now studying at Chalmers. For questions about specific projects or anything related to computer science, Joel is the right person to ask.

Anton Claesson

Founder, Developer and AR specialist

Gothenburg, Sweden

As the company's AR specialist, Anton is responsible for developing innovative AR solutions meeting our clients’ needs. With the help of his problem-solving abilities he gives everything to solve our clients’ challenges. Alongside InnoTact, Anton is studying Automation and Mechatronics with a master’s in Data Science and AI at Chalmers. For questions about what is possible to do with augmented reality, Anton is the right person to ask.

Casper Lindberg

Founder, CTO and Developer

Gothenburg, Sweden

As the company's CTO, Casper is responsible for the InnoTact’s technical strategy. As an experienced programmer, electrical engineer and a future data scientist, Casper is an expert at quickly learning and adapting to new technologies. Casper ensures that our working methods are effective and adapted to the latest technologies. For questions about the company's technical strategy or technical questions, Casper is the right person to ask.

Carl Claesson

Founder, CFO and Developer

Gothenburg, Sverige

As the company's CFO, Carl has the ultimate responsibility for financial decisions. Carl is studying Engineering Physics and contributes with his problem solving ability and programming skills to the company. Carl's problem-solving skills has led to several new innovations that have paved the way for new apps. For questions about the company's finances, Carl is the right person to ask.

Fredrik Hernqvist

IT architect, Developer and Advisor

Stockholm, Sweden

As an IT architect, developer and advisor, Fredrik is responsible for ensuring the quality of the code and increase the competence of the team. Fredrik has worked at Google in London, Microsoft in Seattle and Google in Stockholm. Fredrik is studying computer science at KTH, has made an exchange in China at the prestigious University of Tsinghua, known as "the Harvard of China". In addition, Fredrik has a history of being a competitive programmer at elite level and has also competed and performed at elite level in mathematics competitions.

Oskar Grönqvist

Android Developer

Gothenburg, Sweden

As an android developer specializing in augmented reality, Oskar is responsible for developing apps with the correct architecture and the latest AR techniques. Oskar is studying his masters degree in software engineering at Chalmers. With the latest knowledge that Chalmers teaches, he is ready to revolutionize the future of augmented reality apps.

Melker Veltman

Back-end Developer

Gothenburg, Sweden

As InnoTacts primary responsible for the backend, Melker lays the technical foundation necessary for us to revolutionize existing and new industries. With his bachelor degree in software engineering from Chalmers and several years of experience within the field, Melker has what it takes to shoulder that responsibility.

How we turn your idea into reality

Our methodology for meeting your needs is divided into the following six steps.

We book a meeting.



to book a meeting where we can discuss your needs and opportunities.


We create a plan based on your needs.

After identifying the best solution to your challenge, we create a plan together to make sure you get the solution you need.


While we keep in close contact, we begin to develop the solution.

Throughout the development phase, we continuously update you to ensure that we develop a product that you are satisfied with.


We will continue to work until you are satisfied.

Our solution is not complete until you are satisfied with the result.


We integrate the solution.

When the solution is complete, we ensure that it can be integrated into your business.


Continuous improvements for your future needs.

Even when the product is launched, we continue to work on improvements to your wishes.


Ready to get started?

We are here to help you. Click the button below to reach us. Together we turn your idea into reality.