Wall Art Visualizer

The Wall Art Visualizer lets your customers visualize and experience your art and posters, allowing them to find the best wall art for their home in a simple, fun, and accurate way.

All Artworks in Your Pocket

Browse artworks and posters, test them in your room with different sizes and frames, build gallery walls, and place your order. All in one app.

The Art Visualizer allows your customers to try your art in their home in a fast and intuitive native app. The artworks are visualized through the phone's camera in your customers' room while also allowing them to instantaneously switch motives, experiment with multiple pieces to find the perfect combination, change frames, and try different sizes. The app will have your company name and be available as an iOS app with your particular branding and feel. It's the perfect app for online retailers, museums, and art galleries.

Our Favorite Features

Combine Artworks

Create entire gallery walls with any number of artworks to find your favorite combination. Trying out a specific poster collage with various motives, sizes, and styles has never been easier.

Change Frame and Color

If you also sell frames, we create realistic 3D models that are paired with any artwork with different colors. Finding the perfect matching frame has never been easier.

Experiment with Sizes

Change the size of your artwork to any of the dimensions that you sell your artworks in. We match the app to what you use on your website.

Position Artworks Freely

With a simple swipe gesture, you can position your artwork easily on your wall. No need to get the hammer and nails, instead quickly iterate between different constellations to find what fits your room the best.

Buy Artworks In-App

The fastest integration option is to re-route the customer to the checkout page on your website when they want to order. But we also offer the fantastic possibility of making purchases in-app, which likely will create a surge in your sales.

Filter, Search, and Sort

Filter, search, and sort through your wall-art in a lightning-fast native iOS. The product page shows any desired art meta-data and links to the specific product on your website. All texts in the app are changed using our backend admin interface.

Website Integration

The app is integrated with your existing website to allow customers browsing your website to launch the AR experience to test the art-piece directly in their room. App users can easily open any artwork on your website by clicking links in the app.

Your Brand, Your App

The app you obtain is highly personalized, matching your style guide and the design of your website. When kicking things off, we develop a design proposal where you have the possibility of suggesting new ideas and making changes.

Push Notifications

Keep your customers updated with new artworks and other exciting information using push notifications. Use our ready-made templates or create a custom one using simple drag and drop. Schedule them and target specific customer segments. No matter if you send tens of thousands per week, they are completely free.

Want to try it out?

We have made a beta-version available for testing using TestFlight, Apple's testing environment, that uses generic posters. Simply press

this link

and follow the instructions to try it on your iOS device.

Let's do this together

This is a unique opportunity to get ahead of your competition by offering your customers a revolutionary way to experience your artworks from home. You will increase your sales, customer satisfaction, and much more. We are certain the future of selling art is deeply integrated with Augmented Reality. Let's schedule a meeting, we would be thrilled to work with you.