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One of our greatest strengths is being able to quickly adapt to new challenges and new technologies. Therefore, we can create solutions for you whether you want to use Android, iOS or AR glasses. Our products are always created with the future in mind.

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How AR will improve your business

All businesses can be improved by implementing AR. There are three areas where AR is particularly effective.


AR is the most powerful technology to visualize objects in your environment. For example, you can see what a new painting would look like in your living room or how your office would look if you furnish it with new furniture. Visualization is important for purchasing decisions to give you all the information you need within a few seconds.


What previously required physical buttons or navigation on a mobile screen can now be done in real time using AR. The user experience of digital solutions can change completely when AR glasses allow you to have both hands free at the same time as you get all the information you need.

Instructions & guidance

Get clear instructions in AR. You can access detailed information which would otherwise need to be display in a document or in a manual. You can also get AR instructions from another person in real time, which can be useful for example when repairing a machine.

Solutions we offer

AR for training

By simulating the working environments, training can take place anywhere without the risk of disrupting your process. AR training can both reduce time and costs for training new workers.

AR for marketing

Through AR, you can visualize information about your business right in front of potential customers without investing in hardware. This is a revolutionary step in the process of digitalisation and how the future will change the way we do marketing.

AR for model visualization

AR enables you to study 3D models in real time to get insights into how a particular products, components or machines looks like and works. You can also interact with the object and select specific parts you want to study in more detail.

AR for navigation

Instead of translating information from a GPS on a screen to reality, navigation can take place right in front of your eyes. With AR-navigation you do not need to focus on a GPS and you can fully concentrate on driving or cycling.

AR and machine learning

By combining AR and machine learning, you can get real-time information about the world around you. Information will no longer need to be searched in Internet browsers or in user manuals. Information will be available right in front of your eyes when you need it.

AR for E-commerce

When you buy products on the Internet, you don’t want to just rely on images on a screen. Through AR you can visualize how the product looks like in real shape and size in the environment you want to use it in.

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